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"New life Journey"

I'm 26 year old., I'm Single who is average of 5'10, 190 pounds femme gay bottom African American mixed within native American and Irish background. I've been gay my whole entire life. I've been in many past life experience LTR Commitments and everything... I learn and discover lot about what I am truly attractive too and everything. I currently live in Three Rivers, Michigan. . Family, Siblings, and friends is very important to me and everything. I am a current Manager for Burger King. I been with McDonalds 7 years now. However, it was time for a job change with McDonalds. I grow up into a large family that lives in Sturgis Michigan is very supportive, caring, and respectful of my good nature gay lifestyle. I've over 25 siblings and I'm the only one that is gay which means that are very protective of me and don't want to get hurt by any nonsense guys in general. I've gradate from small Centreville Michigan high school with top ten of my class in 2005, I've attend Glen Oaks community college for basis studies which I had a 4.0 GPA, and I decide that I want to make a difference into lives of children by become a single foster parent and help children which I did for 3 1/2 years ago. However, at this time my foster care licenses on hold until I get few more future plans taken care within my college and everything. My favorite color is red because it means love and has passionate it. My favorite foods are wide range, however I do prefer Italian foods. My favorite holidays of the year is all the seasons, My favorite shows and TV shows are the inspirational ones like Drop Dead Diva, Housewives, Music shows, cooking shows, etc.. My best year in my life would be my high schools years because I got to spend time explore and going on many vocation trips with my family. I've work full time food services. I'm looking for a gay top man who wants LTR Commitment partnership with marriage, family, and children. I've would like to meet a gay top man who wants LTR commitment partnership . I'm looking for a complete happy-ending LTR oriented Commitment partnership that leads to marriage, family, and more children eventually. I'm love to do as my hobbies, cook, clean, bake, bowling and go to the beaches, Love children and hope to have many children someday within the near future. I do live the nice out doors with planting, weeding, and go on trails, camping, playing tennis, play card games with my family and friends, camp fires, and more with wide range of hobbies and movies, etc,,... I've love to cook southern home cook meals and host for the holidays with family and friends too. I've can be very festive for the holidays at times too. I'm more of the woman typed in the relationship which not going to change at all and I'm needs a good decent understand gay top man to be fine with it and be fine with being the man type in our commitment LTR and much more.. In this email you will understand more what I'm looking for and everything. I will not sell for less at all. I will not lower my standards or my bar at all. I've been hurt and burn to many times in many past relationships. I know what I'm looking more now what I'm looking for into a decent positive healthy commitment relationship and everything. A man that treat me like his queen and all within being very affectionate and romantic at the same time. I do like special flowers that are white lilies. I don't like any type of rose flowers at all to be honest.

I'm looking for a gay top man that more of the man who is also very understanding of what I'm looking for into a meaningful LTR Commitment partnership and more. I'm also looking for a good communicator, Good listening, and someone that can make good positive outlook decisions and agreements into our LTR Commitment and more with his suggestions, ideas, comments, etc.... I'm looking for a gay top man that is the following, caring, loving, respectful, supportive, good sense of humor, compassionate, spontaneous, honest, team player, positive attitude, stable and financials secure of taking care of his priorities, values, and responabilities. I'm also looking for a gay top man that is very kindhearted, romantic, and passionate with being family oriented, and wants to have marriage, family, and children and more children as well. I'm looking for a gay top man that enjoys being active and explore new things like doing fitness work-outs, running, walking, biking, or other nature outdoor stuff. I'm looking for a gay top man that wants the whole package deal with marriage, family, and children. In additional looking for a gay top man that can be very good to me and everything. I'm looking for a good personal hygiene's man and healthy as well. I'm looking for a good gentle gay top man who can be my teddy bear and good support role partner and who wants marriage, family, and wants to have few children within the near future. I'm looking for a gay top man that has the heart of gold and more.... I've also don't believe unprotected sex until you get to know person for long-period of time. Hopefully you would respect that until the right time. I've don't mind being a risk taker when it's needed, and I also don't mind stay a home to have good-times either. I do like to be treated wonderful qualities by good gay top man. I'm not looking for gay top man that isn't risk taker, or can't treat me good or anything above that that not positive.

I'm not looking for a short-term, I'm not looking for one-night stands, or a liar, cheater, head games, controlling or abusive, someone that is very selfish, or someone that isn't stable or financial secure to take care of they priorities, values, and responabilties in life. I'm not looking for a smoker, someone that that drunks to much or a druggy at all. I'm looking forward of relocated if the right person comes along. However, I would like a person to met in my area for few times first than. I'm more willingness and eagerness to go travelling to they area.

P.S. If your interested in me. Give me a call back on my cell telephone. I would like to know your name, job, etc.. I'll be glad to send you my pictures in this email hopefully you will be respectful to do the same in email and everything. I've would even like to make arrangements for in person-date as well once we talk few times on the phone and getting to know one another more. Here's my home telephone 1(219)-671-0433. Please give me a call if your interested in me, tell me your name, status, etc.. and want to go further down the road. I'll love to chat with you. You can reach me ASAP if your interested and if I'm not answer leave your name, number and best time to reach you please and thank you. because of my work schedule sometime I do pickup my phone right away however, On my work vocation so I'm free to talk on the phone for few weeks until my work vocation is over.. I've would love to know more about you, Your favorite foods, outdoor stuff, and favorite colors, etc.. Hopefully After you read my criteria's and everything I will not settle for less. I'm very serious about find a decent gay top man who wants the full complete package marriage, family, and children. So please don't leave me hang in let me know by interested my calling me. My number is above within the email. I'm on xmas and new years work vocation at this time so I'm free to talk anytime. Thanks again. If I'm not what your looking for than I wish you the best of luck on your soul mate journey search. Please send me a text that your interested and everything. I would like to know your name and everything etc.. so if your still interested give me a call 219-671-0433 I would love to talk on the phone and go from there please more pictures, call me if your interested.
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Michael McGee

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